Secure, trust-based and forget-abble messages for activists


[A mist-network for activists]

Amidst aims to provide

resilient and adaptative

communication for activists

What is a mist network?

A mist is made up of small droplets of water suspended in the air. Under the right conditions, they congeal into a fog, a mist, a temporary gathering of tiny nodes that hovers over the landscape. When the weather changes, the mist evaporates and the air clears, as if it was never there.

Amidst is an ad-hoc, encrypted, peer-to-peer, decentralized network that forms during public gatherings. Like mist, it only forms when many people come together, and vanishes when the crowd dissolves. Amidst takes its design imperatives from the non-hierarchical structures of democratic grass roots assemblies.




Surveilled public environments

Infrastructurally-weak communities


Jessica Feldman

Jessica Feldman

Team Lead PGP fingerprint: 6A88 D83B 4087 61E3 4D85 71F9 1924 9EA6 1C26 5C1B
Kevin Gulag-er

Kevin Gallagher

Security and Privacy Analyst PGP fingerprint: D02B 25CB 0F7D E276 06C3 BF08 53E4 C50F 8247 4861
Shreyaansh Srivastava

Shreyaansh Srivastava

Wireless Engineer/ Lead Developer PGP fingerprint: 1B5A A536 3FC4 D094 9A37 10E9 0B16 FF59 AF4D B525

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